Contact and Questions

Lost? Bewildered?

You’re in the right place. While you’re having that shopping/existential crisis, chill with us & read this handy FAQ, which is 20% more entertaining than the magazines in your doctor’s office waiting room. (But probably just as germy.)

I don't have a PayPal account. How do I buy?

Show us the plastic! We take PayPal as well as all major credit cards. We do not take Magic Beans at this time. (Seriously. Quit trying.)

I don't have a Paypal account or a credit card. How do I buy?

Flutter your eyelashes at a friend with a credit card and convince them to help. A coy smile followed by a handful of cold hard cash (in the amount of purchase) can do wonders to get a credit card holder to flex their magic money card.

When will I receive my products?

Nice foresight. You’re a real “big picture” type, aren’tcha? The gnomes will begin shipping orders soon after the Gishporium opens and will work as fast as they can to get orders out. Or they will ship whenever they get around to it. But they will.

I don't see the country I would like to ship to in my shipping options. How do I ship to my address?

The GISHPORIUM is a technological marvel. It knows where you’ve been sleeping; it knows where you’re awake… it automatically redirects you either to the US or Intl. site. If you need to ship to an address in another country, email the GISH gnomes at and they’ll do the grunt work for you. If they’re feeling sentimental.

Why can’t I log in?

Make an account. The GISH account that you use for the app & Hunt is separate from your GISHPORIUM account. So if you haven’t created an account specifically for the GISHPORIUM, maybe do that. Actually, definitely do that.

I already made an account, wisea**.

If you created a GISHPORIUM account and can't remember it, either choose  “password reset” or eat lots of chocolate to boost your memory. And in the future, maybe just use “Password” for all your passwords. (That’s what Misha does.)

I need to update the shipping address on an order I placed. What do I do?

Email with your order number and new shipping address and the gnomes will help. The gnomes also enjoy helping with fingerpainting, but will no longer assist with any balloon animal making since The Incident. Note: Updating your address in your GISHPORIUM account will not update the address on orders that have already been placed or in your GISH account for the Hunt. Email. Really.

When will the Gishporium close?

Whenever Misha feels like it. There's usually a countdown but it may or may not be accurate. But we'll try to warn you. No promises.

I absolutely need to get in contact with you!

Email But please be nice to the poor gnomes that answer them. There's too much vitriol in the world already. Don’t be that guy/gal/animal/plant/lifeform.