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Calling all Gisher Artistic Designers who are ready for some post-hunt creative funtivityness. We have a bunch of amazing designs by our Gish Master Artists we will be releasing this year in the Shwop but we need one EXTRAORDINARY design created by a Gisher like you. Show us your best Gishwhes-Inspired design! It can be crazy, fun, kind, weird, monsterish, funny, rhubarb… anything! 


  1. You can use the word Gishwhes in it but you can’t use our current logo or mascot as Master Artisan Olivia Desianti has designed those. Altering them could rupture the very fabric of the Universe. This means if you’re using the word “Gishwhes” or the Slangaroo, you get to create your own version of it!
  2. Your design can be copy, just a design or both!
  3. The copy or design can be ANYTHING about the Hunt that inspires you (an item, a saying, a slogan, a feeling, a weevil, etc.) 
  4. Your design can be for a t-shirt or any other piece of merchandise. If you’ve specifically designed it for another piece of merchandise, please note it in the form below.
  5. The submission file format must be either .jpg or .pdf and must be print-ready for one letter sized page. The winning design must be provided in vector file format (such as ai or eps).
  6. The gnomes require that all entries must be submitted by midnight, PST, on Aug 28th, 2016. Only 2 entries are allowed per person.

THE WINNER will be awarded the honor of automatically becoming a GISHWHES MASTER ARTISAN (we only have a few of these right now), 500 Gishpoints and $500 to spend in the Shwop for them or to share with up to 5 friends (we’ll send you all certificates).

OFFICIAL GNOME RULES AND REGULATIONS: By submitting your artwork here, you agree that your design will be featured in our Shwop of true masterpieces, a privilege previously only held by the GISHWHES Master Artisans. This honor may bestow on you an abnosome amount of GISHWHES pride as well as praise from your fellow Gisher community.