The GISHPorium is officially CLOSED.

Congrats on your excellent shopping skills. Our shipping sloths and carrier pigeons will take it from here! We know you’re in a hurry to meet your official 2018 GISH shirt in person, but there are a few things to note:

If you ordered an item on "backorder" or were notified that your order would be shipping late, now is what we like to call Patience Time. So cool your jets & save the pitchforks & torches for the rebellion. Orders will begin shipping the third week of July, in accordance with our advanced Patience Development Program. Probably. But maybe not. So don't start pacing & hanging out by the mailbox, unless you want to make friends with the mail carrier or something. We’ll ship your order as soon as it’s here. Breathe.

If you have questions on your order, including changes to your address, please email our Emergency Shopping System (ESS) at Please note the ESS email is for GISHporium & order related questions only! For answers to the rest of life's questions, please write to

Thanks for your patience. Good things are coming… in the mail. While you're waiting, If you haven’t already signed up for the 2018 GISH Hunt, go here:

- The GISH gnomes