2018 Possubull Slouch Beanie

$897.19 $16.99

Toque. Beanie. Ski cap. Whatever you call it, you’ll call it cozy and cute when it’s a GISH beanie/toque/ski cap/hat. This slouch cap is perfect for slouching around and features the Possubull, the greatest hybrid support animal we’ve ever had on staff.

Keep a cool head? Nah. Passion is in. Get a GISH beanie and become the hot-head you’ve always wanted to be.

55% acrylic, 45% polyester; one size fits most

Possubull Slouch Beanies begin shipping in November.

Anonymous' Testimonial:
"WHO ARE YOU CALLING A HOT-HEAD? I prefer “cozy”, thank you. This beanie gets me all the way to cozy-plus, and also doubles as a great knit container for carrying small things. Thanks, GISH!"

Alex's Testimonial
"Has anyone investigated whether the Possubull on this beanie is sending out unique positive frequencies to control our minds? Think about it."