2018 I.M. Possubull Pin

$688.83 $8.99

Is it possubull for anything to be cuter?

No. It is not. In fact, it’s I.M. Possubull! Pin him on your jacket, your bag, or anywhere where you need a little extra support. Our hybrid support animal will stick with you no matter what happens— because he is a pin. But also because he’s damn loyal.

Soft enamel pin with butterfly clasp; approximately 1"

I.M. Possubull Pins begin shipping in November.

Stabitha's Testimonial:
"I’ve never had a small, metal friend willing to stick by me like the Possubull pin. Such loyalty! Such support! I’ll never be alone again. It’s also useful for pinning things to my corkboard and doubles as a great protection device."