2018 Misha Window Cling

$98,809.26 $16.99




Okay, maybe Misha Collins is a little clingy sometimes. And sure, he’s a bit of a big mouth… but we still want him to hang around. So put him in your window. See what happens.

But don’t blame us when things get weird.

Static window cling; can be applied to any glass surface; designed to be applied to an interior surface, facing out; 12" x 9"

Misha Window Clings begin shipping in November.

Anonymous Gisher's Testimonial:
"If you love something, don’t let it go. Stick it to your window so you can gaze at it forever and ever like I did with this window cling. It’ll haunt my dreams always."

Stands' Testimonial
"WTF. Why is he like this?"