2018 Tumbler

$7,897.19 $14.99

Drink up! Our GISH liquid containment vessel can hold all your liquid things. Need a way to transport more than a handful of water? The GISH beverage containment unit is on the job! It’s 208% better than your hands or a “plastic cup” at holding liquid when far from other liquid-holding and is expertly constructed to deliver a perfect pour of liquid every time into your mouth with proper use. Get yours today and stay hydrated!

20 oz. (18 oz. capacity with the lid on); stainless steel outer and plastic inner; double wall construction for insulation; snap-on lid; handwash recommended.

  • Tumblers begin shipping in November.

  • Scarlett's Testimonial:
    "With GISH as my witness, I’ll never be thirsty again!"
    Jesse's Testimonial
    "You want me to do a testimonial about a coffee mug? Sure."