2018 Believe in Your Weird Shirt


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WARNING: This shirt features a sophisticated, secret subliminal message system that is imparted to all who view it. Even we don’t know what it is about this one, but suddenly everyone who sees this shirt is filled with inspiration to be weirder and are suddenly more willing to put aside pretense, relax, and be themselves… just as they are. It’s super weird, but it works.

Get one and try it yourself! One glance in the mirror while wearing this shirt and you’ll feel more empowered to go out and weird up the world, helping spread a message of confidence in your own weirdness and the power of self-acceptance with all who see you.

Super weird. Give it a try.

T-shirts and Tanks 100% cotton; Hoodies 50% cotton, 50% polyester. Machine Wash. Imported. 

Believe in Your Weird shirts begin shipping in November.


Jimmy Vicary's Testimonial:
"Believe Us, Your T-shirt Helps Imbue Satisfaction & Start Happiness. (In the Right T-shirt)."