2018 Coffee Table Book


Stay tuned for the REVEAL of this year's COVER!

The complete compendium of all things 2018 GISH! The inaugural GISH book is the best of the best of the weird and the wild and the wonderful that was this year’s Hunt. Like all things GISH, there’s nothing ordinary about this book… it has special interactive properties. With a turn of a page, the GISH coffee table book can do it all: Go forward! Turn backward! Skip from the front right to the back and back to your favorite parts again! It’s like time travel in literary form.

Also, for the first year ever, this year’s book features special magic portals to the best of the best of 2018 GISH video submissions. Don’t ask us how we did it. Just know that we did, and it should be yours to enjoy forever (or until the global power grid fails, in which case you’ll still have the book on paper).

This edition comes scribbled on by Misha, or scribble-free. It’s up to you.

Layout and design created by GISH Master Artist Olivia Desianti.

2018 Coffee Table Books begin shipping in November.

I. Reed Moarbooks' Testimonial:
"This book has everything. I’ll never need another book, which is going to save probably hundreds of thousands of trees over the course of my lifetime. Thank you, GISHPorium, for satisfying this bibliophile and helping solve the deforestation crisis!"through the book dozens of times - and each time you will discover something new and wonderful and highly weird. It's kind of like a kale and jello recipe that just keeps getting better each time you wear it."
Doc Brown's Testimonial:
"You're putting videos in the book? Great Scott!"