2018 Rebel With a Cause Shirt


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Rebel, rebel! The Rebel with a Cause shirt is so you. Get the definitive GISH uniform for those who defy uniformity, perfect for engaging in light anarchy or just lounging about watching Netflix and avoiding chores. We know better than to order a rebel around, so we won’t tell you to get this shirt… But we know you want it, so we also won’t stop you from ordering it right this very moment. Because nobody tells you what to do… you do what you want!

Also available with a special instant flip-up cone of silence for those times when you need to operate with stealth, or just want your head to be cozy. Or both.

T-shirts and Tanks 100% cotton; Hoodies 50% cotton, 50% polyester. Machine Wash. Imported. 

'Rebel with a Cause' shirts begin shipping in November.


Bowie Wilson's Testimonial:
"I put on this shirt & they immediately called the cops on me for the crime of being “too fashionable”. (I resisted arrest, of course.)"
Joan's Testimonial:
"This shirt helped me be the rebel I knew I could be! Before, I was complacent & didn't stand for anything. But in this shirt, I found untapped reserves of courage and a powerful need to fight for my convictions. Now, I can look the world in the eye and proclaim, "I am not afraid... I was born to do this!"